After years of market observation, we have found that deflationary COINS are not suitable for use as money, but rather as collectibles.
Moderate inflation is an effective way to boost the economy. And can improve people’s currency circulation awareness. So the quark gradually evolved to inflationary type COINS. Inflation is around 3.5%.
0.5% Reward the miners (POW)
  1% Reward to masternode owner (masternode)
0.5% Reward developers and contributors (Treasury)
1.5% Reward to long-term holders (POS)
This hybrid allocation scheme will effectively improve the Quark’s sustainability.
And since the quark POS interest rate= quark inflation =~3.5%,This would effectively guarantee the interest of long-term holders, After receiving interest through POS,They can always maintain a ratio in the circulation. To ensure the storage value of Quark.